The dog came every day for food and took it in a bag to the underpass. The man followed it

Ivan worked at a construction site as a crane operator. One day, after another hard day’s work, the man decided to take a shortcut home, as he was very tired and took the road that led through the courtyards of houses. And then he noticed that a dog was following him.

From the appearance of the animal, it was clear that it lives on the street. But the man was surprised that the dog was carrying a package in its teeth. So they walked side by side until the man came home. At home, Ivan immediately set about preparing his own food, as he was very hungry. At this time, he looked out of the window and saw under his window the same dog that had been following him all the way. It had a very sad look.

The man guessed that the dog was very hungry, so he took sausage and bread to feed the poor animal.

From the window, Ivan decided to look at the behavior of the four-legged. To his surprise, the dog put all the food in a bag and left.

Three days later Ivan met the dog again. This time it came to Ivan for work. While the man was going up to his floor, for another portion of goodies for the dog, it was waiting for him near the entrance. Today it was bacon and bread. The dog did the same with the food as last time.

The next time the man decided that he would put all the food in a bag and follow the dog. So they walked about a kilometer, and then the dog turned to the subway, on the steps of which an elderly man was sitting.

The dog gave the package to its owner, who divided its contents in half. He gave half of it to his faithful friend.

The dog’s act touched Ivan very much, who helped its owner during the most difficult period in his life.

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