Rarest of the Rare: Unveiling the Last Year 1974 Pontiac GTO!

Prepare to be amazed as we unveil a true automotive rarity—the last year 1974 Pontiac GTO, one of only 1,036 ever produced. With the muscle car market facing a decline in the early 1970s, Pontiac made a bold move by basing the final iteration of the iconic GTO on the compact Ventura, a Chevy Nova clone. This remarkable example, restored 15 years ago, still retains its stunning presentation and impressive performance. Currently located in Leesburg, Virginia, this last-of-the-line GTO is up for auction on eBay, with bidding already reaching $9,100.

The illustrious history of the Pontiac GTO began in 1964, initially offered as an option on the Tempest/LeMans model. Its immense popularity quickly led to its promotion to series status in 1966, where it reigned as a powerful force until 1971. However, dwindling sales prompted a transition back to an option in subsequent years. The peak year for the GTO was 1968, with Pontiac producing over 87,000 units. In its final year, a mere 7,000 GTOs rolled off the production line, including just over 1,000 of the standard 2-door sedan variant with an automatic transmission. All 1974 GTOs came equipped with a detuned 350 cubic inch V8 engine, prioritizing lower emissions.

According to the seller, who is the second owner of this Pontiac, the car was discovered in California before finding its way to Virginia. Interestingly, the GTO still sports license plates from Mississippi, indicating a previous stop in the state. A restoration took place around 15 years ago, which involved rebuilding the V8 engine and automatic shifter. While the Ram Air components are no longer in use, they can be found in the trunk. The seller assures potential buyers that the car has been documented by PHS (Pontiac Historic Services) and runs impeccably, showcasing exceptional reliability over the years.

Although this Pontiac GTO may not be a trailer queen, it promises not to disappoint when showcased. The wheels have been upgraded from 14 to 15 inches, featuring period-correct rims that enhance its authentic appeal. However, the original wheels will also be included with the car. It’s worth noting that this particular model never had air conditioning, so vintage A/C would need to be sourced if desired. Despite its mileage surpassing 118,000, this GTO defies its age, exhibiting a well-preserved appearance that belies its journey.

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