Once Abandoned, Now These Dogs Ride On Their Very Own Train

Eugene Bostick had been retired for twenty years when he took up a new hobby and began to rescue unwanted dogs. But saving them wasn’t enough, he wanted to give these unloved dogs something extra special, so he did.

Eugene Bostick lives in a rural area near Fort Worth, Texas where sadly, many people dump their unwanted animals. It hurt his heart to see so many dogs abandoned, so he decided to do something about it.

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It was twenty years after his retirement that Mr. Bostick took in his first rescue dog. He could no longer stand to see the poor dogs suffer as they wondered about, looking for the people that dumped them. So, he began to do what he could to help as many as he could.

He gave them food and water but more importantly, showered them with love. He tried to heal their broken hearts by giving them lots of affection and plenty of attention. In short, he let them know that he cared.

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Fortunately, he lives on a twelve-acre farm, so he has a lot of room. He also has ducks, geese, tortoises, rabbits, goats, and birds. And, of course, plenty of stray dogs that now consider the farm their home.

Wanting to do something special for the dogs, Eugene built them a train. Each ‘car’ is a little blue barrel that has a seat and a place to strap a harness, to keep the pups safe and secure. The train is pulled by a John Deere.

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Once the dogs are all aboard, off they go into the community or nearby land. From dumped to passengers on their very own train, these pups are lucky to have such a kind and fun person caring about them.

They are quite the sight as they head down the road. Plenty of barks and wagging tails all along the way. You’ve got to wonder what their heartless owner would think if they could see how much they are cared about now.

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Mr. Bostick is such an amazing man and it’s just awesome how much he loves these dogs. We hope you enjoyed this fun video and that it inspires you to do something for an abandoned dog today. As always, please feel free to share with your friends.

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