Mind-Blowing Discovery: Abandoned 1963 Corvette Race Car Found After 44 Years!

Prepare to be astonished as we unravel the incredible tale of a forgotten gem: a vintage 1963 Corvette Race Car that resurfaced after a staggering 44 years of obscurity! In a jaw-dropping twist, this remarkable find was stumbled upon in the classifieds section of a local newspaper, taking the automotive world by storm. We couldn’t resist sharing this awe-inspiring story that originally captivated Motor Trend magazine, as it showcases the extraordinary journey of unearthing a rare automotive treasure.

1963 Corvette Race Car

The adventure begins with Todd Evans, an avid Corvette enthusiast residing on the west coast. As he perused the Sunday classifieds, a simple yet intriguing ad caught his eye: “CAR COLLECTION FOR SALE: 1963 Corvette cpe, 4 sp, SCCA race car w/spares.” Little did he know that this ad would lead him to an incredible discovery. With excitement coursing through his veins, Todd wasted no time and made a late-night call to the seller, John Lloyd, the amiable owner of the legendary Corvette race car.

Although it has seen better days, Evans is confident that he can resurrect this 1963 Corvette race car.

During their conversation, Todd learned that the Corvette race car had a rich history. It was originally a stock 1963 Coupe, transformed into a dream racecar by Lloyd in the early 1970s. The car had seen its fair share of victories at Riverside Raceway before being retired in 1978. Astonishingly, it had languished untouched for over four decades, hidden away in a friend’s yard. Todd’s enthusiasm was palpable as he eagerly sought to acquire this racing relic.

The interior of LLoyd's 1963 Corvette became the home to countless critters - from mice, to rats, to raccoons.

The morning after their call, Todd rushed to Riverside to lay eyes on the car he had dreamt about. What he discovered surpassed his wildest expectations. Despite the passage of time, the car remained remarkably preserved, with its faded paint and a time-capsule-like interior. Todd’s determination to own the Corvette was unwavering, and after heartfelt negotiations, he secured the car for the original asking price. With the race car now in his possession, Todd envisions a future where this once-forgotten beauty will be restored to its former glory and make its triumphant return to the streets.

Even after sitting for forty-four years, the exterior of this iconic race car still looks formidable.

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