Man gathers old homeless dog in his arms and listens to ‘his sad stories’

The Pit Crew rescued him from a very abusive environment. Will someone step up and give him a loving forever home?

It’s not easy to take care of a senior dog. It’s especially challenging to take care of a senior dog who came from an abusive home.

They will definitely have trust and love issues and the transition even to a loving home will be hard.

This was even more important because with the abuse he received in the past, the rescuers really have no idea how long Hero still has left in his life.

This was the challenge for Hero.

They wanted him to live in a happy and loving home before he crosses the Rainbow Bridge.

Luckily, someone has accepted the challenge, a couple named Rusty and Anna.

Rusty and Anna were already fur parents to another dog named Sugar Bear and they were looking to love another dog when they met Hero. They met Hero and they knew they had to take him home.

“His sweet eyes, they were just saying, ‘love me,’ and you just thought, wow, this guy really deserves a chance,” Anna shared.

But before they could take him home, there was someone else who needed to decide for them.

There was someone else who will make the final decision, their other dog, Sugar Bear. If Sugar Bear couldn’t get along with Hero, then that was it.

They’ll have to look for another dog who can be friends with Sugar. They arranged a meet-and-greet between the two dogs and do you know what happened?

Sugar’s eyes lit up with joy as soon as she saw Hero and they knew this was it! Hero was going home with them!

And when they got home, Rusty and Anna knew they had all made the right decision because Hero just wanted to be loved.

He and Sugar always slept side-by-side. He always wanted to be petted by his parents and by everyone else.

“If you stop petting him at all, he’d start nudging you to remind you, ‘Hey, I’m still here,’” Rusty explained. “If at any reason you decided to stop petting him and he couldn’t get your attention, no matter how much he nudged you, he moved on to the next person and he’d start nudging them.

And his love wasn’t just reserved for humans but for other dogs, too.

Rusty and Anna also fostered dogs and they would have one to two more dogs living with them, which Sugar and Hero would welcome with open paws.

Hero loved his human parents.

When Rusty gets home, Hero would hear his very loud car and jump to the door so that he could be the first dog to greet him when he entered the house.

While at home, Hero would follow everywhere, even to the bathroom, which Anna had to get used to.

When Hero was rescued, he was about eight or nine years old and they thought maybe he only had a few months to live. He lived for three more years.

Rusty, Anna, and Sugar Bear were still able to love and be loved by Hero for three more years.

“Hero changed our family’s life for the better. From the moment we adopted Hero, we promised to love him & protect him. He would never be hungry or hurt again. The beauty of Hero is that after all he had been through, he only wanted to be loved by all he met,” Rusty and Anna wrote as a tribute to Hero, who passed away on May 6, 2022.

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