Man Decides To Mess With Momma Snake’s Eggs, Ends Worse Than He Imagined

This is another classic Man vs. Nature battle.

Man and nature are two forces that have been brilliantly by God on this Earth to co-exist, and there is a certain balance that has always be maintained between these two. This balance is directly responsible for some of the advantages we have today, whether it is nature supplying man with resources or man helping to preserve nature through a series of initiatives

However, sometimes as well, one of these forces makes a foray over the other one in hopes of asserting a certain form of “dominance” over the other.

Most of the time, man is the guilty party.

The only problem, however, is that when this happens, nature always has a way of retaliating and putting man back in his rightful place (so to speak)

This here is a story of one of such encounters.

Recently, one man decided to really test his luck against a mother snake who, by nature, had something of a very protective personality.

The lovely yellow mother reptile wrapped her body around her eggs which recently just hatched. She was enjoying the feeling of motherhood and basking in its euphoria when suddenly, this man tried to lift her body and take her precious children from her. It could be due to simple ignorance, it could be just to see what the mother snake’s reaction would be. Whatever it was, this man decided to dare it anyway.

But of course, simply snatching a mother’s children from her wouldn’t just be a simple walk in the park. The mother snake wasn’t about to just go down and let her kids be taken from her without a god old fashioned brawl.

Some snakes are able to give birth to their offspring through live births, but a vast majority of them actually lay their eggs. In most cases, the female will end up leaving the eggs just a brief period after she lays them. However, a few species of snakes, just as the one of this particular mother snake, who still stay with their hatchings for a while after they have hatched from their eggs.

Most probably, this snake is a Burmese Python. The species has a special natural mechanism that can help them to increase their core body temperature in order to ensure that their little ones are kept as warm as possible. On an average, these snakes lay about 36 eggs at a time and a group of these snakes is known as a clutch.

Although most of their eggs are usually not so big, some Burmese pythons are even able to lay well over a hundred eggs at a time.

It is quite difficult to particularly ascertain where this particular video was shot, but one of the locations in the United States where reptile rescue groups and snake sanctuaries seem to be the most abundant is Florida, so it is very possible that the video was shot at one of such places.

Most viewers hope that the attendant was only trying to ensure that everything was alright ad that he wasn’t trying to steal the eggs. The only issue here was that the mama snake wasn’t in the mood to take any chances with her children and their lives, and she took care of the situation in the only way that she knew how to.

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