Last of Its Kind? Unbelievable Find: Pristine 1974 Mercury Comet!

Prepare to be amazed by the sheer rarity of this 1974 Mercury Comet, a rebadged version of the ever-popular Ford Maverick from the 1970s. While Ford churned out Mavericks in abundance, the Comet graced the streets in far fewer numbers, making it a true gem. Behold this remarkably preserved 1974 Comet edition, which appears to have a mere 39,000 miles on the odometer. This outstanding beauty requires nothing but a new owner, and it’s available on craigslist in Tustin, California for an unbelievable price of $10,500. Special thanks to “numskal” for sharing this incredible FOMOCO find.

Detroit has always excelled at creating “me-too” cars, spawning siblings with subtle variations. The Chevy Nova gave birth to the Pontiac Ventura, while the Plymouth Duster paved the way for the Dodge Demon. Similarly, the revived Comet joined the Mercury lineup a year after the Maverick’s debut. Apart from minor sheet metal changes, these two cars shared an uncanny resemblance from 1971 to 1977. Ford produced over two million Mavericks, while Mercury witnessed nearly 500,000 Comets. Both vehicles, much like the iconic Ford Mustang, drew inspiration from the 1960 Falcon during their development.

The “new” Comet experienced its peak production year in 1974, capitalizing on the surge in sales for “economy” cars following the 1973 OPEC oil embargo that shook the fuel industry. Under the hood, you had the choice between a 200 or 250-cubic-inch inline-6 engine, delivering decent fuel efficiency when the gas gauge dipped below a quarter tank. Despite the required addition of hefty, mammoth bumpers, these Comets remained surprisingly nimble. While the seller doesn’t specify the engine, it’s worth noting the presence of a manual transmission, as three pedals can be spotted beneath the dash.

Regrettably, the seller doesn’t provide an extensive description of this car. However, they do mention that it runs and drives flawlessly, showcasing its original condition. With minimal information available, one can’t help but wonder if this Comet might be one of the finest specimens left in existence. If the mileage proves accurate, this is an unparalleled opportunity to own a piece of automotive history. Perhaps all this magnificent Comet needs is a new home and an owner dedicated to its continued care. Don’t miss out on this extraordinary find!


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