Jaw-Dropping Restoration Unveiled: 1959 International B120 Off-Road Beast!

Move over Chevy C-10s and Ford F-150s because there’s a captivating collectible pickup truck on the scene! Feast your eyes on the stunningly restored 1959 International B120, a true masterpiece in automotive craftsmanship. Our eagle-eyed reporter, T.J., has discovered this gem listed on eBay, located in picturesque Pinedale, Wyoming. Currently, bidding starts at $20,090, with the reserve yet to be met. Prepare to be blown away by the level of detail and dedication poured into this restoration.

Hailing from International’s short-lived B-series (1959-1961), this remarkable truck stands out from the crowd with its 4X4 drivetrain and coveted 7.5 ft cargo bed. While not a Concours restoration, the work accomplished here is nothing short of spectacular. International may be a more obscure marque compared to the ubiquitous Chevy or Ford, but that only adds to its allure. With a meticulous body-off renovation and extensive sandblasting, the truck now showcases a modern two-stage application of its original Gulf Green color. The bumpers and grille exhibit slight signs of 64 years of truck duty, yet their overall presentation remains remarkable.

Under the hood, the original 266 cubic inch engine has made way for a powerful 1971 vintage 345 cubic inch V8. This replacement engine has undergone a thorough inspection and resealing process, which extends to the differentials, four-speed manual gearbox, and transfer case. Thankfully, the clutch has been replaced as well. Completing the power picture is a brand-new dual exhaust system equipped with turbo mufflers, providing an exhilarating sound to match its performance.

Stepping inside this time capsule, one can’t help but appreciate the stark contrast between vintage trucks and their modern counterparts. The original interior of these workhorses was all about functionality, boasting painted steel, hard vinyl, and minimal instrumentation. Forget about luxuries like carpet, radios, or air conditioning—they were but distant dreams. The seller, however, has breathed new life into the cabin with a custom reupholstered bench seat, sun visors, and a headliner. Additionally, new floor sound deadener insulation and rubber floor covering have been installed. The original gauges, lights, and turn signals operate flawlessly, preserving the authentic charm of this quintessential old truck.

Conclusion: Prepare to be captivated by this exquisite restoration—a tribute to an often overlooked pickup truck. While it may not excel as an everyday driver due to its firm suspension and rugged demeanor, this International B120 shines at shows and occasional use. Its unique character makes it a delightful alternative to the more commonly seen Dodge Power Wagon. Don’t miss your chance to own this off-road beast that seamlessly blends vintage charm with jaw-dropping craftsmanship!

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