Jaw-Dropping Hybrid: 1947 Hudson Commodore with an Unconventional Twist!

Prepare to be amazed by the sheer uniqueness of this 1947 Hudson Commodore! While it may appear as a project car, many of the complex elements have already been tackled. What sets this convertible apart is its removable hardtop—an incredibly rare feature. But wait, there’s more! This one-of-a-kind beauty boasts a powertrain that defies expectations, blending Mopar and GM components seamlessly. Currently up for grabs in Portland, Oregon, this remarkable piece of automotive history is available on eBay with a current bid of $19,500 and already capturing the attention of enthusiasts. A big shoutout to T.J. for uncovering this extraordinary gem!

When you think of Hudson, the iconic Hornet often springs to mind. However, the Commodore, along with its “Super Series” counterpart, predates that iconic design with its distinctive charm. In 1947, Hudson faced its fair share of challenges, producing around 92,000 vehicles and securing the 11th position in sales. Among them, only 1,800 convertibles graced the roads, according to various sources.

From a structural standpoint, our featured Hudson appears to be in decent shape. The seller mentions significant repair work on the original body and the creation of the removable hardtop, which is truly fascinating. The craftsmanship involved in executing such a concept is commendable. Additionally, the convertible top bows are included, and the extensive trim adds to the car’s appeal. With some minor touches, this Commodore is just a stone’s throw away from a date with the paint booth.

The original Commodore offered a choice between a 102 HP, 212 cubic inch inline-six engine or a 128 HP, 254 cubic inch straight-eight powerplant. However, forget about the original specifications because this beauty has undergone a breathtaking transformation. Under the hood now resides a Chrysler 354 cubic inch “Hemi” V8 engine mated to a GM 700R4 four-speed automatic transmission. Power is transferred to a 4.56 rear gear set. While its performance capabilities remain undisclosed, we know that this unique creation is up and running. The suspension remains stock, but all brake components have been replaced, and an aluminum radiator has been added for improved cooling.

Additional fascinating details await inside the car, including a dash from a ’49 Hudson. However, the interior will require a complete overhaul, as the upholstery and door panels show signs of original wear and tear. Unfortunately, the rear seat is currently absent from the pictures. Rest assured, this isn’t your typical project car that was abandoned midway. Many labor-intensive tasks have already been expertly accomplished, as evident in the listing images. Speaking of effort, just imagine the sheer strength required to handle that removable roof with ease! Don’t miss out on the opportunity to own this awe-inspiring hybrid creation that effortlessly blends two automotive worlds.

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