Grandma Adopts A Puppy For Her Grandson Who Was Saving Up To Buy One

This story speaks about a six-year-old boy called Xander Mellor, whose dream was to buy a pup. So, he’d been saving up for the past 18 months for that. The smart boy from Springfield, Illinois, would always ask his mama Natalie Ellenburg for the change to put it in his savings jar whenever she’d return home from work.

Can you imagine a kid stops buying goodies and sweets? Xander did that as he really wanted a pup! But his dream came true when his grandparents heard about his endearing struggle! So, they visited him with a big surprise!

You can see in the video below Xander running in a very happy way when he sees his grandparents’ vehicle! So, Grandma asks him Xander close his eyes and stretch his hands out for a “gift”, when he runs to the vehicle’s door to greet them. When the smiley boy opens his eyes, his smile turns into tears when he sees an adorable pup in his arms! How touchy! Watch the video below.

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