Giant dog melts hearts caring for over 200 little ducklings

It’s always adorable to see animals from different species getting along. One animal that often does this is a dog.

These animals are famously able to get along with a wide range of creatures big and small.

The ability of dogs to get along with other animals is well known.

There is a reason that dogs have been man’s best friend for so long! Dogs occupy the position of friend, comforter, protector, and worker.

Nowadays, they mostly occupy just the “friend” side of things, but originally, dogs were needed as work tools.

For many humans, dogs were an essential tool and companion for work.

Shepherding, herding, and hunting are all important roles that dogs still occupy today.

With dogs being bred for so long, it was important for them to be able to be trained to act in certain ways around any animals they encountered.

Long story short, dogs were bred to be taught how to act around different animal species.

With this piece of knowledge, the rivalry between dogs and cats is mostly one of socialization!

If you socialize the two when they are younger, you have shown the dog that cats are friends. The same can be done with dogs and almost any other animal.

That potential animal friendship can be perfectly seen in this video!

Dogs and ducklings! This may just be a match made in heaven.

The amount of cute in this video is almost too much to bear. Dug is the dog in the video who gets to experience the joy of being with over 200 ducklings at once.

For Dug, he is right at home with the little puffs of fluff.

You can tell right away that Dug is a gentle spirit.

The video opens up with the ducklings all hanging out under a few heat lamps to keep warm. When Dug walks in the door, he doesn’t get too excited, he doesn’t freak out, he just slowly walks to the corner where the birds are.

Dug eventually lays down right next to the ducklings and watches over them.

Dug is a duckling protector and is always so careful when he is around them. If you have ever seen a dog with a baby or puppy, you know just how gentle they can be, even the big ones!

It always seems that the bigger the dog, the gentler they are.

Dug is one of those “teddy bear dogs” that knows how to handle smaller and more fragile creatures. Even in laying down, he is careful that he doesn’t squish any of the little birds.

After some time, the little ducklings begin to climb all over their canine friend.

The ducks adjust to the furry friend joining them and eventually are comfortable walking on him!

The ducklings just walk on their feet, legs, and all over as Dug gently sits and watches them have fun.

It’s so adorable to see Dug chilling with all his duckling friends, having a great time. What a sweet group.

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