German shepherd melts hearts with confusion over kitten’s meows

Rocky was completely baffled. What was this tiny white and yellow furball in front of him?

He sniffed it. But that didn’t help.

Then he looked at his humans for answers. They were no help either.

Then it started to move and make a high-pitched screeching sound. Rocky was more confused than ever.

This teeny little thing started moving closer. So, Rocky sniffed it again.

It is food? Is it big enough to fit in his mouth? Rocky opened his mouth wide and centered it over the moving furball.

But something told him that this wasn’t food. Besides, all that fur would just get stuck in his throat anyway.

So, he backed off. The puffy little ball kept on squealing.

What the heck does this thing want? Maybe it needs some kisses? So, Rocky gave it a bunch.

Rocky figured that this must be a baby of some kind. Rocky knows a thing or two about babies.

He was recently a baby himself.

Rocky was born on June 8, 2020. And if there’s one thing Rocky knows about babies is that they like to be cuddled.

So, Rocky then circled the little pouf ball and sat so that it could feel comfy. It circled up on Rocky.

But this little guy didn’t want to sit still and started climbing all over Rocky.

What the heck was Rocky supposed to do with this thing? He just decided to sit as still as he could and watch it.

Upon taking a closer look, Rocky figured that this fuzz ball might be one of those cat things he had heard about.

According to German Shepherds Dog HQ, German Shepherds and cats can get along despite the dog’s massive size over a cat.

It is possible with proper socialization. But just because your dog gets along with one cat doesn’t mean it will get along with all cats.

The demeanor of the cat and dog has a lot to do with how well they will get along. There are some German Shepherds who just won’t ever be OK with a cat around.

It’s important to know how both animals behave.

German Shepherd’s Corner reports that cats are more “high-strung” than dogs and have lower thresholds for disturbances. They could stay mad for days.

Cats also move super quickly. Since a German Shepherd is a herding dog, they’ve been bred to chase and pin down things that move quickly. This could be a problem without socialization.

If you are hoping to socialize your dog and cat to get along, it’s best to do this when the animals are as young as possible.

You’ll also want to do so at a slow pace to get both animals comfortable with each other. You’ll also need to make sure that you’re observing them constantly and that they’re never left alone together in the beginning.

But it looks like Rocky and this kitty are off to a great story and will be getting along just fine.

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