Dog who is chained up for his entire life sees the ocean for the first time and his reaction goes viral

As dog lovers we know how important is for a dog to run around and play with other dogs. As a safety precaution, sometimes we need to keep them in a leash, but dogs must be allowed to run freely with no exception.

Unfortunately this beautiful German Shepard didn’t enjoyed a freely life as his uncaring owner neglected him. More than that, Herschel has been stuck to a pole. In the end he was rescued and taken to a shelter to his excitement.

The sun seemed risen again on its street as he was adopted by a new family. But Herschel is a happy, full of joy and energetic dog and that turned out to be to much for his new owners. His temperament was mistaken for aggression. And when is looked like his fate was sealed to spend the rest of his life in a cage, someone just had a room for him.

He was surrendered to Michelson Found Animals who got him the medical and grooming attention he needed. Thanks to Rocky Kanaka and his “Dogs Day Out” program, Herschel experienced an adventure that he would remember for a very long time.

The first thing they done for him was to offer him a day of fun and joy. The road trip started with a few hours of play in the mountain snow. As you can imagine, the new fluffy stuff was really a joy to Herschel.

Herschel was finally free to explore, run and appreciate all that he had missed so much. But the best was yet to come. Their next stop was about to be on the beach. And dog’s reaction when first sees the ocean is incredible. He just could not contain himself.

Watch Herschel incredible reaction when discovers freedom at last!

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