Lioness risks her life to save cub in dramatic rescue

Life in the wild isn’t easy at all for a cub, especially in a though place like Masai Mara, Kenya is. One moment of distraction was enough for this lion cub to put its life in danger. When its mom took her eyes off him, the little one, unluckily fallen over the edge of a vertical cliff.

After he seen himself down there, alone and helpless, the cub started to cry out for help. His mom, who wasn’t far away, quickly arrived with three other lionesses and a male. However, the cub’s fate seemed sealed as a rescue would have to the lion’s lives in danger, too.

In the end, the motherly love was the decisive factor and the lioness decided it’s worth to risk her life in the attempt of saving the little one’s. It’s when the drama begins. Fortunately, the wild life photographer, Jean-Francois Largo, managed to capture the incredible scenes on camera.

Slowly, agonizingly, the lioness begins her way down towards her scared baby. Using her strong claws, she carefully steps on the slippy hill, knowing that one single mistake would put an end to both her life and the cub’s. Finally she got him in her jaws. The cub feels he’s safe now, but danger it’s not ever, yet. The  hard journey back is about to begin. The dramatic scenes end up with both the mother and the cub well and unharmed on the solid ground above the cliff.

Now that everything is fine, the exhausted mom gives her baby a lick to let  him know he’s safe. Let’s hope the little one learned his lesson!

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