Dog Devastated By The Loss Of Best Friend Gets The Best Surprise

This dog misses her best friend, so her family does the greatest thing and brings her a quadruple surprise to cheer her up!

A cute corgi makes a daring escape from behind a puppy proof fence. Filmed in July, this adorable footage shows Beau, an 11-week-old puppy, pulling down and climbing over a gate which was meant to confine him to the kitchen.

The video was shot in Wapakoneta, Ohio, by the dog’s loving owner Dan McLaughlin, who wanted to know how the mischievous puppy kept breaking loose.

Dan said: “When we left the apartment, we would put Beau behind the fence. But every time we would come back, even if we were just gone for a few minutes, we would find him roaming around the apartment and the puppy fence knocked over.”

So, the couple did what every other confused puppy owner would do – they set up a camera. Lo and behold, tiny Corgi Beau used his even tinier mouth to pull the doggy gate out and roam the apartment, free as a bird!×768.jpg?ezimgfmt=ng:webp/ngcb6

Beau definitely has an adventurous side. He said: “The first few nights we had him, we put him in a laundry basket with blankets to sleep in, and it didn’t take long for him to find a way to climb out of it.

“He hates being constrained to a small space and will find any way possible to get out.” We feel you, pup!

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