Cats Who Were Caught In The Act When You Came Home Early And Surprised Them

Unless you’ve got an animal nanny cam, you probably have no idea what in the world your pets are doing when you are away at work all day.

It’s a long time to be alone by themselves, and you would expect a dog to be crazy, but a cat? I envision a cat just snoozing away the entire time you are gone. However, that’s not always what happens and the pictures below are proof of that.

Ever wonder what your cute kitty is doing while you are away? The cats below might be able to give you a better idea of that.

“Don;t judge me!”

That orange cat is smothering him!

“My eyes got stuck!”

What a compromising position!

“And that is how kittens are made.”

We are definitely not talking about you.

Just spoonin’

This is like when your little sister “borrows” your favorite shoes

“Nothing to see here. Move along.”

“I wasn’t looking at anything shady. I swear!”

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