Boy With Down Syndrome Has No Friends, The Dog’s Reaction Brought Me To Tears

This story is heartbreaking and it is proof of the senses of a dog. They know when something is good or bad. They try to cheer us up and be by our side forever.

A 3-year-old boy with Down syndrome was all alone because according to some reports he had trouble making friends. On the other hand, the dog sensed that something was going on with the boy, that he has particular needs and needed someone.

The dog goes near the boy and treats him with kindness and adorable compassion. The video shows it best!

It just proves that dogs are better than people and they sense everything. When something is bad they try to make it better with their unconditional love. Just like this story with the kid.

Their meeting was so heartbreaking, meanwhile full of love and happiness.

So glad that dogs are part of our lives! We should consider them always part of our families!

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