Abandoned Dream: Unfinished 1967 Morgan Plus 4 Awaits Its Heroic Restoration

Prepare for a captivating journey into the world of handcrafted British cars with the suspended restoration of a 1967 Morgan Plus 4! Morgans, known for their unique charm, continue to be produced today in the same artisanal fashion as they were over a century ago. On craigslist, a fascinating opportunity awaits as a 1967 Morgan Plus 4, located in Marana, Arizona, emerges with an asking price of $16,000. However, the seller now invites offers, providing some flexibility in the price. If you’re ready to embark on this restoration adventure, be prepared to arrive with cash in hand and a trailer. But fair warning, the title situation is still in need of resolution, adding an extra twist to this story of familial dedication. Special thanks to T.J. for discovering this halted project car!

Throughout its evolution, Morgan has embraced an eclectic range of engines from prestigious manufacturers such as Coventry, Standard, Triumph, Ford, Fiat, and Rover. In the 1950s and 1960s, Morgan incorporated a series of Triumph-type motors into their chassis. By 1967, the Morgan Plus 4 had transitioned to the TR4’s 2138 cc four-cylinder engine, paired with a four-speed manual transmission. Due to the compact engine bay, air filters were not feasible. While most Plus 4s boasted 100 bhp, a fortunate few were tuned to competition specifications, reaching up to 120 bhp. Some were Super Sports or Competition models, easily recognizable by the distinct hood scoop featured on the carburetor side. It appears that this restoration aimed to replicate the allure of the Super Sports or Competition variant. Any Plus 4, however, promises spirited performance, accompanied by just the right amount of bump steer to keep things thrilling.

Although the engine starts and runs, the brake calipers have been removed and the brake lines are in poor condition, rendering the car undrivable. Nonetheless, progress has been made in other areas of the restoration. The dash, paint, and chrome are new, while the convertible top and its frame are reportedly in good shape. While the listing lacks visuals of the seats and other parts, the seller assures us that the wood frame supporting the body structure and the floors are in excellent condition. Additionally, the car boasts new tires and a heavy-duty radiator, a necessity to combat Arizona’s scorching heat.

Morgan’s lineup offered a diverse range of body styles, including convertibles, drophead coupes, and two- or four-seaters. Although a handful of fiberglass coupes were produced, they failed to garner popularity. Notably, newer Morgans bear a striking resemblance to their older counterparts. Moreover, Morgan prices have shown more resilience compared to the T-series MGs. Performance-wise, the Morgan Plus 4 effortlessly handles highway driving. A well-maintained example typically demands a minimum of $35,000, while true Super Sports command prices exceeding $70,000. This partially restored Morgan Plus 4 presents a fantastic opportunity for an enthusiast to take the reins and complete the journey towards owning a truly enjoyable car. Will you be the one to make this dream a reality?

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