A dog rescued its puppies from a burning building and carried them directly into a fire truck

Heroes can become not only people but also animals. Like, for example, this dog.

In a small Chilean town, a large fire occurred, the news of which spread around the world. Firefighters who arrived at the scene found several burning houses. They immediately began to extinguish the fire and did not even notice that a dog appeared out of the fire, carrying a puppy in its teeth.

A mongrel named Amanda lived in one of the burning houses, and recently she gave birth to four puppies. The dog, sensing the danger, hurried to pick up the puppies, taking them out one by one from the fire.

She quickly figured out where they would be most safe and quickly transferred them to a nearby fire truck.

After the fire was extinguished, rescuers took the dogs to a veterinary clinic. Unfortunately, one baby could not be saved, he received too deep burns. But the others turned out to be fine, and soon returned to their owners.

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