21 day old foal walks out alongside mama then steals the show when he hears the crowd cheering

Horse riders are proud of their horses and some of them use horse expos to show them off.

At the Philadelphia Horse World Expo in 2010, a rider wanted to proudly present his horse and his horse’s foal.

They are Halflinger breeds and they are excited to show the world about their magnificent breed.

In fact, the 21-day-old halflinger’s foal, Blitz, was so excited, he couldn’t contain himself!

The horses are usually brought at the Parade of Breeds, led by the rider.

They are led out to a field and the horse and rider go around the field so everyone can see them.

Well, this foal is very intelligent and can pick up what’s happening around it easily.

Blitz probably saw the crowd and instantly knew they were there to watch him.

Or maybe the applause gave him the adrenaline that Blitz loved.

He couldn’t contain his energy and just had to release it.

That’s why he started to gallop around his mother and her rider.

At some point, Blitz broke off from the “line” and wandered almost to the middle of the field.

But Blitz is still a baby and needed his mother.

“After all the years I’ve been working with horses and raising my children, I’ve discovered how ridiculously close toddlers and foals are in terms of behaviour. This little cutie is another example,”

He didn’t want to be left behind by his mother so he ran after her so they can gallop together.

Then the crowd started to applaud and that got him excited again!

At one point, he stood off in the middle of the field and looked at the crowd for the first time.

It could have been the first-timer and the baby in him but it felt and looked like he got intimated.

After that, he looked for his mother, who was thankfully close by.

He ran towards her and walked with her around the field.

At some point, his youth gets the better of him and he gallops off-trail once again.

His rider knows he can’t control this foal too much so he just focused on presenting his mother.

The rider probably knew the foal will circle back to them eventually.

Or maybe the foal wasn’t supposed to go out into the Parade of Breeds with them.

And Blitz may have gone out when his mother did.

And instead of the rider holding her back, he decided to just let Blitz come with them.

One of the rules of the Parade of Breeds is that the rider cannot rough handle any of the horses.

The rider probably knew he might handle Blitz roughly to place him back outside of the field.

Technically, the rider is presenting the mother, who is proudly showing off her majestic breed.

“So cute… Mare is so well trained, sticking to the program while the child runs rampant eliciting giggles and “awww”s from the audience,” Draikinator noticed.

Whether it was intentional or not, it is pretty obvious.

Halflingers stole the show at the Parade of Breeds at the 2010 Philadelphia World Horse Expo.

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