White German Shepherd adopts newborn Pygmy goat and they’re best friends

It has to be some sort of special empathy between dogs and other animals in need of help. Otherwise, it’s impossible to explain the man’s best friends overprotective nature when it comes to take of others. So far, we’ve been witnessed to countless stories of helpless little creatures finding comfort next to a dog. And this one is no different.

A lovely footage of a white German Shepherd taking care of a newborn goat melted hearts all over the internet. “Introducing two animals of different kingdoms can present itself to be quite the challenge, but if performed properly and carefully, it can be a very rewarding experience,” the man who captured the heart-warming moment wrote.

“Most of the times, people think of how are they going to introduce their adult cat to a puppy, or vice versa. But this family had a very unique opportunity – they introduced their pet white Shepherd dog to a baby goat! The aftermath is worth the effort!”

The adorable Pygmy goat thinks Shadow is its mom. And the kind German Shepherd doesn’t mind that, at all. In fact, she loves to cuddle the goat just as she did it with her pups. It’s so heart-warming to see how affectionate Shadow is with her new adopted baby. “For some reason the goat thinks Shadow is his mommy, and Shadow likes the goat,” the owner said.

It’s always inspiring to see animals of different species interacting and bonding in such an unbreakable way. Shadow and her tiny friend is other proof that animal kingdom knows no borders, when it comes to caring. Watch the lovely footage, here:

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