The owner slept in the vet clinic to be with the dog for his last hours, but the dog came round

This extraordinary story happened a couple of days ago. Tanya, the owner of one of our former wards, called in the middle of the night. Pirate, her half-blind elderly dog, urgently needed the help of doctors, and she could not find a clinic that agreed to accept them at night.

We found a clinic and a doctor ready to come to examine the animal. When Tanya brought the dog, it was evident that it could hardly move its paws.

The dog had a high fever, it was shaking. Along with Tanya and Pirate, one of the volunteers came to the clinic to introduce the girl to the doctor and reassure her because the animal’s condition was very frightening.

Doctors immediately began to provide first aid to the dog, and they also conducted an examination. The doctors’ conclusions were sad: the dog has a large neoplasm, most likely oncology. According to the location and structure of the tumor, it was clear that it would not be easy to cope with it. The condition of Pirate also worsened the prognosis – with age, the dog’s heart weakened, which means its chances of surviving the operation were extremely low. If nothing was done, the dog had only a few days of life left.

The choice was hard – to leave everything to chance, which meant losing Pirate for sure, but the operation was only a shadowy chance of success. After long doubts and conversations with the doctor, they decided to operate, immediately agreeing that we could pay for the work of the veterinarians a little later.

Tanya saw a small couch for visitors in the corridor of the clinic and decided that she would not leave a friend even for the duration of the operation. She stayed overnight in the clinic, realizing that she simply will not have time to come from home to say goodbye if something goes wrong.

Calling the clinic in the morning was scary, the chances that everything went well were so sager that there was almost no hope of hearing good news. What was said in the clinic was the best news of the day – the doctors turned out to be real wizards and Pirate not only underwent surgery but has already woken up. It remains to wait for histology and hope that the stock of miracles has not yet exhausted itself.

Tanya also couldn’t believe how lucky she and Pirate were. She cried with happiness and made plans to return home with her pet. It was scary to plan because the veterinarians did not give any forecasts.

Two days later, the doctor reported that the crisis was over. Pirate lies more and rests, but slowly the forces began to return to it and its chances of going home are very high, especially since there a blind dog Syoma is waiting for its friend and guide.

Pirate is still in the hospital, but it’s making every effort to get home as soon as possible.

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