Lions go wild when reunited with the woman who raised them

When someone’s looking for a furry companion, there’s more likely to be a dog or a cat and not some massive feline. But all the animals in the world deserve to be loved by humans. Even though, raising two lion cubs is not the type of thing to hear everyday. However a woman named Michaela Zimanova actually did it.

The two cute little cubs were actually rejected by their own mom – a lioness used in circus in Eastern Europe. Unfortunately it frequently happens at the wild animals that live in captivity to reject their own siblings. Thankfully for the two little furry balls born in Slovakia, Europe meeting a human being actually saved their lives
– a female, used in circus in Eastern Europe. Thanks to Michaela’s love for animals, the two cubs have found the home and the comfort they need it so much. The kind-hearted woman named them Malkia and Adelle, and she used to call them her “darlings.”

When the two lionesses grow up into the big cats they are today, it was necessary to be relocated. So Malkia Park in Slovakia became their home. However, their adoptive mom got the chance to visit frequently the majestic creatures she raised. But even though the moment they reunite is something you won’t see everyday.

The reaction of Malkia and Adelle when meeting their human mother would make you think they’d been apart for a very long time. Still, Michaela is visiting her beloved babies two or three times a month.

“Michaela comes to see them sometimes three times a month. We never play with them as they are dangerous animals, we respect their mood, and only cuddle when they want. It always takes only those few minutes what you see on the video, sometimes less. Then they continue running and playing together. At the age of four, Malkia is a little bit different, she is more wild, so we need to be more aware, “a spokesman of Malkia Park said.

Every moment when Michaela is reunited with her “darlings,” is heart-melting. You can see how the lioness ran over and embrace the woman who hand-reared them. They are opening their big paws and give their mom a big big hug, like haven’t seen her for years. Watch the heartwarming reunion here:

They immediately recognized her 🤗

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