10+ Rescue Pets Who Are Living The Best Life They Deserve

It’s heartbreaking to see many animals being put down each year. It’s because there are many rescue and abandoned animals while animal shelters are full and are not able to take in more animals. Besides, people tend to buy pets instead of adopting them. They think that pets from shops are cuter and healthier than pets living in shelters. But in fact, adopting a pet from an animal shelter is better than buying a pet. By adopting a pet you not only save a life, you also get a perfect companion who will bring joy and unconditional love to your life. Moreover, adopting a pet is less expensive than buying a pet at a pet store or through other sources.

We know that there are still many dogs and cats who are eagerly waiting to be adopted into a forever home. Thankfully, many of them were adopted and found their new home with loving people. We are happy that they are enjoying the best life that they always desire. Here are some photos of pets who were adopted and rescued, and are now living happily with their owners! Scroll down to check them out!

#1 “I adopted the saddest looking cat at the shelter three years ago.”

#2 Before and after being adopted. Meet our new boy Louie!


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